Welcome to TheWhistleblower.com Blog

Welcome to TheWhistleblower.com blog.  Here I aspire to offer news, thoughts, commentary, and “how-to”s on whistleblowing, fraud and related issues (well, not “how-to”s on fraud… ). Although the blog, and the corresponding YouTube channel, won’t have comments sections, I encourage you to share your thoughts, advice, commentary and criticism.  If you have questions you’d like… Read more »


Why Not File a Whistleblower Case? Straight Talk from a Whistleblower Attorney

So why not file a whistleblower case?  There are some things that you really need to think about before you make that decision because the reality is there some real dangers to being a whistleblower. You, the whistleblower, have information about fraud being committed You bring that information to the government. You help the government… Read more »