VIDEO BLOG: Compounding Pharmacy Fraud

Compounding pharmacies can provide a valuable services when a patient needs a customized formulation of a prescription drug.  Unfortunately, because of lax regulations and high reimbursement, some compounding pharmacies can also present the potential for major risks to patient health and significant healthcare fraud, especially for fraudulent prescriptions for topical pain creams and scar creams.  

VIDEO BLOG: Whistleblowers and Non-Disclosure Agreements: How To Blow the Whistle If You Have an NDA

In this video I discuss the issue of whistleblowing and Non-Disclosure Agreements, especially the question of whether and how you can blow the whistle if you have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement?    

VIDEO BLOG: Protecting Whistleblowers from Retaliation: Using a Corporation or Partnership as the Whistleblower

Partnerships and LLCs, are they the magic bullet to help protect whistleblower confidentiality? In this video I discuss the benefits and limitations of whistleblowers using a corporate entity (like an LLC) or a partnership (LLP) to protect themselves from whistleblower retaliation. In short, using an LLC or LLP can be helpful, but: (1) only in specific limited situations; (2) there are risks that come with using a partnership or a corporate form while you are blowing the whistle; and (3) you cannot guarantee anonymity.   

VIDEO BLOG: 10 Mistakes Whistleblowers Make Before, During, and After the Case

Being a whistleblower means navigating a maze of complicated laws, practical landmines, and unexpected challenges.  In this video, I walk through 10 mistakes that whistleblowers often make before, during or after filing a case.

VIDEO BLOG: The Financial Side of a Whistleblower Federal or State Case

The finances of a whistleblower case.  There are two important parts to this.  One, when a case is settling, how is the settlement amount calculated?  Two, once the settlement has happened, how much of that money does the whistleblower get?

VIDEO BLOG: Why Not File a Whistleblower Case? Straight Talk from a Whistleblower Attorney

So why not file a whistleblower case?  Regardless of how strong your evidence and your case is, there are significant risks to blowing the whistle.  In this video I walk through some of the reasons why you might decide to NOT blow the whistle.