A key thing every whistleblower thinking of filing a qui tam action should know is:

“You don’t have to do this.”

It’s true. If you know of serious wrongdoing and feel you have a moral obligation to make it right, you need to know that filing a qui tam action is not the only course of action open to you. Blowing the whistle can bring a sense of accomplishment and financial rewards. And, even with the best whistleblowing lawyer at your side, it can also blow up your finances, your relationships, and your life.

If you want to do the right thing without being right in the middle of it you do  have other choices. They are good, ethical choices that can often stop serious fraud faster than a case filed under the False Claims Act. (Qui tam actions take a really long time!) In fact, if the fraud you know about is hurting or killing people, the other options to whistleblowing below may be a better bet, even though it may mean you are not entitled to a whistleblower award

If you want something to stop right now some other options are:

  • Call an anonymous hotline. Government agencies maintain several anonymous tip lines for just this reason. Your lawyer can help you find the number to call—and can even call for you.
  • Call a member of the press. A good investigative reporter is always looking for tips that break open a big story. Your lawyer can help you identify a likely prospect and interact with them in your stead.
  • Report the fraud to a member of Congress. Who handles Congressional oversight for the industry you work in? With your lawyer’s guidance, you can take your information straight to Washington, D.C.
  • Ask your attorney to report what you know to the government without sharing your name or identifying details. Rather than filing a case for you, your lawyer can reach out to the appropriate regulatory agency and let them intervene.

Tim McCormack has walked clients through all of these options—even at the last minute. If his clients experience doubts or find the road ahead daunting, there are other paths to consider. Any good whistleblowing attorney will do the same.

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