How To Blow the Whistle, Get Heard, Get Paid,
and Live To Tell the Tale

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” —J.K. Rowling

Do you know that something is not right at your workplace—like tax fraud, securities fraud, healthcare or government fraud? Perhaps you’ve asked your co-workers or supervisors about it and were shocked or disappointed when they told you to ignore it. Maybe you have tried to change it. You might even feel that you are a part of it … and you can’t stop thinking about it.

Taking a stand. Telling the truth. Taking on wrongdoers. Doing the right thing—and reaping the financial rewards. Being the whistleblower sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But it hardly ever feels that way. The process is hard and long. You will be accused of lying or told you are wrong. You will face retaliation from colleagues and friends.

When you feel that there is absolutely no other way to solve the problem—that is the time to blow the whistle.

World-Class Whistleblower Protection that Works

Tim McCormack, a highly experienced qui tam attorney, has successfully represented whistleblowers in cases large and small across the United States, the U.K., the E.U., Canada and beyond. His courageous clients have helped governments recover more than $550 million while safeguarding their families and, in many cases, receiving substantial financial rewards. And he stood by them while they paid the high personal and professional price of speaking truth to power.

Tim created this website to provide honest, no-holds-barred insight into what whistleblowing really means for the personal and professional lives of potential whistleblowers just like you. He’s also happy to give you his take on your situation.  So if you are worried about what is happening in your workplace, schedule a completely free and totally confidential talk with Tim. No matter what you decide to do, his honest assessment of your case will help you see your options clearly and chart your course with confidence.

Is something wrong at work? Tim can help you blow the whistle so you have the best chance to have the right people hear you, to be justly rewarded, and to minimize your regrets. Call 207-747-7639 or submit a case evaluation form to schedule a free, no-obligation, and completely confidential whistleblowing case review today.

10 Mistakes Whistleblowers Make Before, During, and After the Case

If you are thinking about becoming a whistleblower there is a lot to think about.  They are complicated laws, and it is a difficult process.  Here are ten mistakes that whistleblowers often make. My name is Tim McCormack, I am the author of The blog about whistleblower issues.  I am also an attorney.  I’ve represented whistleblowers for more than a decade across the United States and around the world. Today I want to talk about top 10 mistakes that whistleblowers often make either before they file their case or in the process of their case. #1 Don’t Trust... Read More.

The Financial Side of a Whistleblower Federal or State Case

The finances of a whistleblower case.  There are two important parts to this.  One, when a case is settling, how is the settlement amount calculated?  Two, once the settlement has happened, how much of that money does the whistleblower get? When you are evaluating whether to file a whistleblower case, obviously one piece of it is to assess the finances and there are two parts of that.  There’s the cost which includes retaliation you’re gonna face, the cost of your time, lost salary, and then there’s also the potential upside.  If you have a successful case, if there’s a... Read More.

Welcome to Blog

Welcome to blog.  Here I aspire to offer news, thoughts, commentary, and “how-to”s on whistleblowing, fraud and related issues (well, not “how-to”s on fraud… ). Although the blog, and the corresponding YouTube channel, won’t have comments sections, I encourage you to share your thoughts, advice, commentary and criticism.  If you have questions you’d like for me to address, hot tips, or if you want me to analyze a particular fraud trend or issue, please email me.  Especially give me a shout if you take issue with the views expressed here, think I missed something, or just want to... Read More.

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